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Audio Demos

The Golden Snake Dance

The Golden Snake Dance is a traditional piece often performed at Chinese New Year celebrations.  All the sounds in this demo are from the Symphony of Animals library including  various rattlesnake sounds, chickadees,sapsuckers, owl, urchin, and loons.

Golden Snake Dance - SOA demo

Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun

Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun is a symphonic poem  by Claude Debussy,  All of the sounds you hear are from the Symphony of Animals library including the butcherbird, the chickadee, loons, aviary, the indri, bee swarms, as well as wind and stream nature sounds.


Prelude to an Afternoon of a Faun - SOA demo

The Flight of the Bumblebee

Flight of the Bumblebee - SOA demo

This widely known piece, written by Rimskey-Korsakov,  composed this piece to emulate the sounds of bees.  Now we can hear this piece using the actual sounds of bees and more bees (as well as mosquitos, and other insects).  Every sound in this demo is from the Symphony of Animals library. 

River of Dreams

This original piece shows how the sounds in Symphony of Animals can blend in with other instruments.  Here various sea sounds are mixed in with a solo harp. The sea sounds include whales (blue, humpback and orca whales), dolphin clicks and giggles, clams, catfish, sea urchins, shrimps, as well as surf and underwater nature sounds. Headphones recommended for the low whale sounds.

River of Dreams - SOA demo

The Ballad of the Chicks in Their Shells

Ballad of the Chicks - SOA demo

This short comical piece was originally written by Mussorsky as part of the Pictures at an Exhibition suite.  It suggests happy chicks scurrying and dancing about after being hatched. All the sounds in this demo are from the Symphony of Animals library and include chicks, chick trills, chickens, ducks, chickadees, a cow, a pig and a horse.

Golliwogs Cakewalk

Golliwogs Cakewalk is part of a suite for piano written by Claude Debussy. This demo features the frogs in the Symphony of Animals library. The animals in this demo include peeper frogs, chorus frogs, river frogs, banjo frog,tree frog ribbits, bullfrog croaks, leaf bug, and lacewing.  This army of frogs makes this demo froggin' awesome.

Polliwog Cakewalk - SOA demo

Jungle Beat

Jungle Beat - SOA demo

This original demo features various jungle sounds in Symphony of Animals. The pounding of a gorilla chest provides the basic beat with various other animal percussion sounds. This is joined by  a variety of jungle birds combined with growls and roars. The kookaburra and monkeys then join in a rappin' call and response.  All of the sounds in this demo are from Symphony of Animals.

Video Demo

Symphony of Animals
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